How to master your follow-up message after networking events

Everything can rest on the first impression you make when you meet new people at networking events, but your step afterwards is equally important. The way you follow up with people you connect with can be so powerful in its impact, this alone can determine how long your relationship lasts. This is why mastering your follow-up message after networking events is so essential in creating more personable and long-term opportunities together. 

It is safe for us to assume that most of us find meeting new people during networking events is not the hardest part. Instead, it is all in the process of maintaining and working to get the most opportunities with these connections. Once you master how you follow up, this journey becomes much more straightforward, and the outcomes you are seeking to create start converting every time. We not only want individuals to respond and engage with our first message, but we also want to get that conversation following in the direction that leads to business growth. After all, you don’t want to fail at the first hurdle – we need an approach that only gets us to the answer ‘yes’.

Personal connections

Networking events create amazing opportunities for building new relationships in the professional world. The connections you make can help you learn more about the opportunities you have and get a better understanding of how to develop and scale your business in the short and long term. Spending time getting to know the interests of people, their motivations, challenges, background, and industry is all valuable information that can be used to forge opportunities for partnerships, referrals, and client relationships, depending on how you can help one another. As a result, it only makes sense to stay in touch after the event and continue the conversation beyond. With a well-planned follow-up message to initiate contact, use their business card details or LinkedIn profile to make your first move. This will already signal to the individual that you are interested in staying in touch.

Meeting new people at networking events can sometimes feel like a brief encounter and the idea of approaching them soon afterward could seem as though you are reaching out to a stranger. With millions of professionals on LinkedIn alone, this platform serves as a great information tool to find out more about that individual than you may have learned in your first introduction. Here, as well as on their company website, you can discover details on their latest and greatest achievements, interests, and education which are all great talking points to start your follow-up conversation with and add a much more personal touch.

Follow-up message after networking events 

Sending an email is the most important step to take after attending networking events. 

Below are our top five tips on how you can create an email that keeps your conversation flowing once you’ve left the room. 

Make it personal – if the person you met shared anything personal about them, always reflect it in your follow-up. Not only will you show that you were attentive and listened to them carefully, but it is also a great way to continue the conversation. 

Keep it short – The first message you send after networking events should be concise and clear in its purpose. You want to make sure your new connection reads everything and feels compelled to respond back.

Lead with value – As we mentioned in one of our previous blogs, networking should never be just about selling. Leading with value is what ultimately connects people with your brand. You need to be very clear on what talents and skills you can bring to the table to help them and also reflect on what you recognized would be beneficial to you. This will create a mutual connection for you both.

Politeness and sincerity are key -Once you have communicated your interest in maintaining an ongoing professional relationship, express your gratitude and thank your recipient for their time. It is an important addition to any follow-up message from your networking events. This way you show your recipient how much you value them and appreciate the opportunity to connect with them. Even if you already thanked them in person, reiterating your gratitude is a kind gesture that will only help you create a more approachable and friendly image.   

The final touch, sign your follow-up message – Signing your email or LinkedIn message will ensure the follow-up feels professional and personal. You need your message to sound warm and approachable while maintaining that professional relationship so make sure not to skip this step after networking events. Sign-offs such as ‘kind regards’, ‘best wishes’, or ‘enjoy your week’ are both common courtesy and recognised for their friendly tone.

Take your follow-up message after networking events to the next level

Your follow-up message after networking events might be the key to landing a new partnership, customer, or business partner. This is why it’s important to reach out to the new connections you made during networking events, to foster the relationship, demonstrate your value, and express gratitude. The power of a well-structured and planned follow-up message is often underestimated so make sure you invest your time on ensuring it is right for the recipient and enjoy seeing how your network grows. 

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